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Misty Blu Gwinner - 4/5/2005 - Found Deceased in Creek - Lexington, Kentucky





Date of Birth: 05/27/1986
Date Found: April 5, 2005
White Female
•WEIGHT: 120
•TATTOOS: The word Jaden on the back of neck; Cross on lower left calf

Crime Synopsis: On Tuesday, April 5, 2005, at about 9:56 am, officers responded to the 700 block of North Cleveland Road in reference to a deceased subject along the side of the road. The victim was positively identified as Misty B. Gwinner from the Cincinnati, OH and Covington, KY area. The victim has no known connection with Lexington.

NOTICE: Do not attempt to apprehend any person or persons who are suspects in these homicides. If you have any information pertaining to these homicides, contact the Lexington Division of Police Bureau of Investigations at 258-3700 or E-mail:




LEXINGTON - {Misty} Blu Gwinner's body lay in the Fayette County morgue, listed as Jane Doe on her 19th birthday.

On Friday, three days later, Gwinner's family identified her body, found along a Lexington creek six weeks ago.

Family and friends recognized the woman from a photograph and description broadcast in Cincinnati, according to the coroner's office.

Police had been unable to learn the woman's identity even though a picture of her body and its identifiable tattoos had been posted on a state web site since April 12

Police said Gwinner's death is being investigated as a homicide, but did not release details of the killing. In addition to information from family members, the coroner's office used fingerprints to identify the body.

Gwinner was found April 5 lying along a creek on the side of North Cleveland Road in Lexington, police said. Two days later, they asked for help identifying the woman, ** { whom they described as bi-racial,} with {shoulder-length reddish-blond hair.}

Police described a "Jaden" tattoo on the back of her neck and a tattoo of a cross with "C" and "V" on her leg. Pictures were posted at

Gwinner, who would have turned {19} on May 17, had been arrested several times in Cincinnati THE YEAR BEFORE HER DEATH, according to court records.

Just a week before she was found dead, she was sentenced to one year of probation after pleading no contest to drug paraphernalia charges in Hamilton County Court.

Family friend Kelly Kuper said she knew Gwinner led a troubled life.

Kuper said she would often take care of the girl, who was friends with her son when they attended Holmes High School in Covington.

Kuper said she last saw Gwinner about a year ago.

Kuper added that she wasn't surprised to learn Gwinner had been killed, but "it was really sad to see that when it came across the TV screen."

Gwinner, who listed her address as Court Street, Cincinnati, also pleaded no contest to soliciting rides, prostitution and more drug charges last year.

Police ask that anyone knowing Gwinner's whereabouts before April 5 call (859) 258-3700.


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Not a day goes by I don't cry out for my sister. I love you Misty and as long as I have a breath in my body I'll never stop or give up on hope
I seriously believe police should check with "WILD BILL" on Misty's case...among others.
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I get someone younger than her... maybe a group of them...first get.
Who is "Wild Bill"?
Did she go out?? having fun?
A long time ago I did a chart on Misty Blu for her sister in law. I believe I did a chart for Joe also. HEre is a copy of it's interpretation.

I have chose the 4th house to represent Misty Virgo rules the 4th house and Mercury rules Virgo we find it at the 3rd deg. Of Aries in the 10th house retrograde. It is joined by the sun at 15 deg, Venus 17 deg, and the node at 22 deg.
Mercury’s deg signifies that Misty was a self destructive person. She knew that she was in danger and didn’t care any more about her self. Mentally she was ill, depressed, and Anxious. She had lost something and after that loss she didn’t want to go on any longer. She had lost her will to survive. Merc. Is sextile Chiron, a planet of Karma. She knew she was going to die for a while before she actually did, she could feel it coming on through intuition and tried to contact her loved ones, make peace, and say goodbye to them. She loved you all but she knew it was time to go.
With Mercury being retrograde it can some how signal to miscommunication (she might have rolled on some one, or had a miscommunication with some one which led to her death), there could have been severe injuries to her mouth or face also.
The sun at 15 deg Aries This indicates that the person who did this is probably male. At this time if Misty would have been put into a confrontational situation she would not have backed down, and would have been dramatic and crazy. She was a tough girl. SO it is possible for it to be a fight that got out of control.
I feel like she partied hard and was being loud and trying to be the center of attention, she partied too hard. Over stepped some boundaries, and was acting like a little bit of an ego maniac. Did Misty have a superior? Some one who was above her like a pimp or something? She upset some one who was in a position of control, or authority over her. He was older than her, and it was a “professional relationship” IMO. SO either it was a jon, or some one involved in some other business arrangement with Misty (selling drugs?) I feel a strong connection to getting drugs or doing something for drugs. It was a business opportunity though. She thought she would make some money and was romantically interested In this person also.
Jupiter in the 7th house represents the perp. Jupiter is at the 13th degree of Libra negatively aspecting the house we find Merc the representation of Misty in.
She was wasted and he saw an opportunity to move in and harm her, he caught her off guard, and killed her. Either she has a friend who knows what happened or he does. Maybe she met him through friends, or they were friends. He aspects the 11th house though so there is some friend connection there. I think he is critical and unimaginative. This is a group house, or clubs, so we could be dealing with some type of cartel or gang. They aren’t talking though.
I don’t think misty was killed where her body was found, it was moved there after she was murdered. It might not seem like it b/c it is taking a while but they are going to catch the person that did this, good is going to over come evil. It is going to have some thing to do with writing, like maybe a written anonymous tip, or some thing. I get something about Dog bites, I am not sure how this ties in to misty’s death or why it is brought up, sometimes biting is very common in crimes of a violent sexual nature. If she was in fact bitten then I am disgusted but not surprised as this was probably a revenge killing or a killing where there was great anger tword the victim. Her death was a very violent death, this is a very angry person who probably this in an extreme fit of drug induced rage, he then felt remorse after the fact, and moved her body to the river in a state of panic. I get that there was some kind of violence to her neck area or throat. It was an intense, hysterical, and primitive murder.
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Wow michelle honestly I'm speechless
Thank you. I think. Hopefully it is a good speechless?
Astrology is one of the most ancient Sciences, held in high esteem of old, by the Wise and the Great. Formerly, no Prince would make War or Peace, nor any General fight in Battle, in short, no important affair was undertaken without first consulting an Astrologer. Benjamin Franklin
I feel that there is something here that is unrelated to her criminal lifestyle. I don't think her alleged prostitution has anything to do with her murder. I think the person who did this has killed before and has killed since her, and will kill again.

If it is related to her drug problem/prostitution.. I really have a feeling it's not someone who knew her. If it was a john, it their first meeting.

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